Fun October Fitness Challenge

  • I hope you and your families are all staying safe and healthy. During our virtual spa night I heard many of you say “that you were not moving as much as you used to”, “it’s easier to just grab ‘snacks’ at home”, “I’m just not motivated”. Well I have a solution for us! We are going to do an October Fitness Challenge! We are 10 days away from October and this challenge is starting on the 1st.

    During the month of October, I will send you weekly moving goals and to-do’s, along with recipes for healthy meals and treats that will help you get closer to your fitness goals. These can be very different for everyone. Some of us want to lose weight, some of us want to build muscle and some of us just want to move. Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, we will be here supporting and cheering one another on. The only thing you will be gaining is an opportunity to win fun prizes. 🙂

    Date: October 1 to October 31, 2020

    Cost: $31.00 (just $1 per day)

    This is such a great way to get us all motivated and moving all while making money for our beloved association. Further details to come as I see how many people are interested. Please let me know by Tuesday September 29th if you would like to participate.

    I can’t wait for us to all start this journey together!
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